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National Apprenticeship Week

Young PeoplePosted by Ayub Khan Wed, March 05, 2014 22:12:24

So it’s National Apprenticeship Week and it’s great that nationally we are promoting this wonderful initiative. There is no doubt in my mind that Apprenticeships for young people offer a fantastic way to earn and learn as well as an opportunity to develop new skills. However there has been a long debate in the UK about parity of esteem with the academic route taken by 50% of young people.

If we truly want to achieve parity of esteem we need Government Departments including the sponsor of National Apprenticeship Week, the Department for Business Innovation & Skills (BIS) to employ more Apprentices. I was at a conference today and was dismayed to learn that BIS employ only 14 apprentices.

If we truly want a world class education system where apprenticeships sit alongside the academic route, Government Departments as well as employers need to do more in this area. Ministers often quote the German vocational system as the model of good practice. Sadly the UK is nowhere near in terms of its competitiveness or arrangements for making the Apprenticeship route a real option for the 50% of young people that do not wish to pursue a traditional academic route.

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