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Gadhafi & Zenga Zenga

PoliticsPosted by Ayub Khan Mon, October 24, 2011 11:49:42

Whatever your thoughts about the man, and I certainly had no time for him at all, his end was barbaric and one that says a lot about a society in Libya that will take an absolute generation to understand that the best way of dealing with him and getting justice for all of his victims was to capture him alive and let him face the courts.

Whilst Gadhafi stated that he would die in Libya, his demise is only the beginning of what will be more deaths, tribal revenge and of course various groups positioning themselves for power.

Much has also been made by our press and of course some Conservatives/Lib Dems on the role that Blair played in getting Gadhafi to renounce his evil intentions. This was of course the right thing to do at that time. Without Blair’s intervention who knows what would have happened.

Libya is a better place without Gadhafi but the so called rebels must now put down their arms and the west has to show leadership to help the country put in place processes that allow the country to understand what democracy really means.


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