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New Year ResolutionsPosted by Ayub Khan Thu, December 29, 2011 16:39:44

2012 Hopes

It’s that time of the year when we look to learn from mistakes, put things right and create a positive force for the New Year by setting in place New Year’s Resolutions.

Personally, I do not believe in New Year Resolutions as they are there to be broken and when they are it leaves us feeling despondent. But I do believe in goals, so here’s my go at sharing with you some hopes, goals and desires from a personal and professional perspective for 2012.

No surprise that financially, 2012 is going to be the toughest yet. There is a view that world markets will be on the brink of disaster and world leaders will have to collaborate to create growth and jobs as well as stabilising the all-powerful “markets”.

There will be work to do to help stabilise the new regimes as they emerge from the “Arab Spring” to avoid Islamic fundamentalists seizing an opportunity to govern.

There will be work to do to continue to provide aid for developing countries but importantly get them on a sound foundation to create their own wealth.

On the home front:


I’m hoping that Labour renews itself and becomes the party of hope to the masses, not just opposing the Government for the sake of it but providing a real alternative that people buy into as they did in 1997. This will take vision and a Leader that can reach out as well as demonstrating that we are the party of financial competence. I believe that as the Coalition moves into 2012, their track record of managing the economy will increasingly be seen by many as narrow and ideology driven. They are not strong enough to have or admit that there is another way. Therefore Labour must be clear on its position on policy, develop a strategy, articulate it to the electorate so that that there is real choice. Now which famous Prime Minister said this? Clue – he won us 3 consecutive elections!

I’m also hoping that there are more characters representing Labour as MP’s. My view is that Politicians should not just come from a narrow gene pool of being Oxbridge educated followed by a short period working as a Special Adviser. We need people who have had good careers outside of politics. It is these people that voters will relate to as they will have real life experiences. So come on Labour enough, of who knows who and let’s get some real people back into politics. We will be better for it.

Leeds United:

No surprise here for those of you that know me. My hope & desire 2012 will see Leeds make it to the Play off Final; where at the 3rd time of asking will be promoted back to the big time. Simon Grayson will still be our Manager and uncle Ken will be preparing to sell us to the highest bidder. In two years’ time, we will win the Premiership!!!


I work in the public sector so it does not look good for me does it? However, I am confident in my own abilities and with a mortgage to pay need to work. So, maybe this time of uncertainty is a real opportunity. So my goal – is get a new job and get it quickly!

Young People:

With over a 1 million young people unemployed and prospects looking bleak it does not look good. The Government has taken away the ladders of opportunity for many, with the withdrawal of EMA, Careers Guidance services and programmes that have supported young people. It wouldn’t seem so bad if replacements are better, but they are not. The work programme and payment by results mechanisms will drive providers to only work with those young people who will succeed. What about those that need long term help? The statistics in the short term will favour politicians but the reality behind the scenes will see young people with specific needs left behind. I really do hope that these programmes work. For the sake of young people they need to.

So there you go a few thoughts hopes and desires. But whatever you hope for in 2012 set some goals, have confidence and faith in your own abilities, put them to use and help each other.

You never know what will happen.

All the best for 2012.


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