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“I’m Sorry” - Mr Gove

Young PeoplePosted by Ayub Khan Thu, February 07, 2013 12:48:16

Today Michael Gove stood at the despatch box and apologised claiming he had listened. If you are a member of the Teaching Profession I would imagine that this will be welcomed. Apologising is actually a sign of strength in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, I am not at all a fan of Mr Gove and do not share his political ideology. Putting your hands up and acknowledging where you have gone wrong is great, only if you mean it.

It seems to be a pattern of this Government to rush through policies without thinking of consequences or the impact on people. On important issues such as the economy (where of course the deficit has to be reduced) to educational reform to wind farms, this Government has not thought through its policy development. This coalition Government talks about a “global race” but this does not mean that legislative change have to be rushed through without considering the evidence first. Get it wrong and the impact will be felt for many years.

Instead of the Coalition trying to please each other, why not listen to the people that placed you there, consider the evidence from experts and then make a decision.

Now it would great if Matthew Hancock the joint BIS/DfE Minister would follow his Leader and reconsider his policy on Careers Advice, especially in light of the recent Education Select Committee report that slammed the Governments approach and the impact it is having on young people. We await a response.

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