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PoliticsPosted by Ayub Khan Thu, July 11, 2013 17:03:12

The prospect of an open primary for the next Mayor of London is exciting and intriguing at the same time. As someone born in this great City, my view is that London needs a Mayor who understands and can harness the complex issues of wealth/depravation and the need to position the Capital to meet the needs of all communities and business, large or small, now and in the future. That means providing jobs and opportunities for everyone that lives here. As for a Labour candidate, there are plenty of good leaders from local government that could do the job as there are leaders in Business.

As for selecting MP’s through Open Primaries. With the right framework in place we could potentially see much more in the way of ordinary people in Parliament. People who could relate much more effectively with the wider electorate. In other words a more diverse group of people bringing to Westminster their proven skills from outside of Parliament. Whatever the mechanism, something has to change and Open Primaries can be a good way forward in my view.

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