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Avoid a G4s

GeneralPosted by Ayub Khan Tue, July 17, 2012 16:48:39

G4s, A4E to name but two private sector organisations that have seemingly brought themselves into disrepute. Whilst I am not going to defend these two organisations I fully believe that some public services can be managed successfully by the private sector as long as the good folk in the public sector who specify and negotiate contracts are able to apply robust contract management. At the same time the private sector needs to understand and practice good responsible governance.

The G4S debacle is a clear case on how not to manage a supply chain. The simple questions that should have been asked were not and in the end, the fact that they are unable to deliver seems to be a surprise to LOCOG and Government.

If this Government is serious about reducing the size of the state and getting more and better delivery through a range of providers from different sectors it needs to ensure that it has a fully skilled workforce in place. Civil Servants need to understand and speak the language of commerce and so does Local Government.

Leaders need to develop and enhance their workforce in the critical skills required for public/private sector partnership.

The cost of not doing so is burden for all tax payers.


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